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Harpers CHP are official UK dealers for Burkhardt GmbH and their products. 

Burkhardt manufacture wood gas and natural gas/vegetable oil fuelled CHP systems and currently have over 250 units in operation. A map showing the location of their installations as at February 2016, can be downloaded here. Both systems are described below.

Wood gas CHP

The wood gas CHP unit works in conjunction with a wood-pellet gasifier also designed and manufactured by Burkhardt. The system is summarised in Figure 1.

The  gasifier and CHP units are two completely separate machines linked by a gas line. Wood pellet fuel is fed into the gasifier and reduced to wood gas and char. The wood gas passes through a heat exchanger where heat is recovered and is then fed into the CHP unit via the gas line. The CHP unit generates electricity from the wood gas and further heat is also recovered. The process is summarised in Figure 1.

For a more in-depth description of the gasification process please visit our gasification page.
gasifier and chp

The wood gas system is particularly valuable in situations where carbon savings are a high priority. Wood is regarded as a carbon neutral fuel as long as the harvested trees are replaced and wood pellets, even taking into account their manufacture and transport, produce considerable carbon savings compared to fossil fuels.

For the UK market, Burkhardt produce two wood pellet fired gasifiers and two associated CHP engine units. The details of these are shown below.

V3.90 gasifier + ECO 165 CHP

V4.50 gasifier + ECO 50 CHP

Electrical output 

165 kWe

50 kWe

Heat output

260 kWth

110 kWth


EN Plus A1 wood pellets

Fuel consumption

110 kg/h

40 kg/h

Operating principle

Updraught co-flow gasification with stationary fluidised bed


Data sheet



Burkhardt currently 158 woodgas CHP units in operation. Many of these export the electricity to the grid and the heat to District Heat Networks (DHNs). Some installations comprise a single gasifier and CHP pair but as the system is modular, there are several sites with multiple units. The largest of these is at Ladbergen Airport which has 32 gasifier and CHP pairs. They produce 5.76 MW of electricity and 8.64 MW of heat for the local DHN.

The average availability across the woodgas units for 2015 was over 90 %.

The woodgas units cannot be modulated so are usually used to cover the electrical/heat base load with back up from another heat source such as an oil boiler.

Natural gas CHP

Burkhardt offer two natural gas CHPs:

ECO 210 EG

ECO 240 EG

Electrical output 

210 kWe

240 kWe

Heat output

248 kWth

240 kWth


Natural Gas/Biogas

Natural Gas/Biogas
with pilot oil or Vegetable oil/Diesel

Fuel consumption

           52.9 Nm3/h

Data sheet



The natural gas CHPs can be modulated and the ECO 240 can run on a range of fuels. However, when running on vegetable oil or diesel (or even heating oil), the electrical output is reduced to approximately 200 kWe.

Burkhardt currently have 120 natural gas/vegetable oil CHP units in operation. As these are usually run to match the current heat or electricity demand, availability figures for the natural gas units are not collected.

For further information on any of the Burkhardt products, please contact us.

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