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District Heating

Burkhardt CHP units are ideally suited to district heating and are being used in many installations on the continent. The scale of the networks varies considerably. The largest system is at Ladbergen Airport where 32 gasifier and CHP pairs produce 5.76 MW of electricity and 8.64 MW of heat for a 5 km DHN. In Germany, the heat is used locally but the electricity is usually, but not always, exported to the grid.

Muhlhausen district heat network

There are also many networks that use Burkhardt units to supply heat to domestic as well as commercial properties. 

For example, the village of St. Peter, in southern Germany near the border with France, has a heat network that supplies 166 domestic properties. The heat is generated by a single gasifier and CHP duo with back up to cover peak loads coming from a wood chip and an oil boiler.

Through the switch to biomass, they estimate that they save 1000 tonnes of carbon dioxide on an annual basis.

Mühlhausen, Burkhardt's home town, has a district heat network that supplies up to 4MW of heat to commercial and industrial units, a school, a sports hall and the local Town Hall. 

Heat is generated using a variety of technologies at three 'heizhäuser' in the town. They have five gasifiers and woodgas CHPs, five natural gas/plant oil CHPs, a wood pellet boiler, a wood chip boiler and two oil boilers. The CHP units cover the base load and the different boilers cover the peak demand.

Annual heat load curve for Muhlhausen

Further examples of Burkhardt installations for both district heat networks and other uses within Germany are shown below. A map of Burkhardt installations both within Germany and in other countries can be downloaded here.

Location in Germany No. of Burkhardt units Heat use
Michelsneukirchen 1 kiln drying and supply of a district heating system 
Warburg 4 kiln drying and wood processing
Hohenburg 6 sewage sludge drying
Grafenau 1 heating a petrol station and supply of a district heating system 
Hinterschmiding 2 kiln drying and heating of pellet factory
Perlesreuth 1 supply of a district heating system 
Paffroda Hallbach 3 heating a coal briquette factory
Berg 1 supply of a district heating system 
Velburg 1 supply of a district heating system 
Ascha 1 supply of a district heating system 
Hutthurm 1 supply of a district heating system 
Bruck 1 heating of a market garden
Monheim 1 heating a stonemason firm, regional residential home for the elderly, a supermarket and private houses
Ursensollen 1 heating a furniture manufacturing unit
Garrel 2 utilization of heat for cell cultures of turkey hens
St. Peter 1 supply of a district heating system 
Deining 1 heating a kindergarten and shopping center
Windisch-Eschenbach 1 supply of a district heating system 
Wunsiedel 1 supply of a district heating system 

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